Geospatial Systems gathers, maintains, and disseminates information about OSU's physical infrastructure. Staff members maintain the University's facilities inventory. That work includes tracking changes and additions to buildings and updating building floor plans. Our department assigns building numbers and all room numbers for campus buildings. Geospatial Systems also maintains the University's construction plan archive and campus maps and is responsible for tracking and maintaining information about campus site features and utility systems.

Our department is involved in developing and supporting the following facilities management / information systems: The Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) system, Archibus--the system of record for OSU's Facilities Inventory; the Construction Plan Archive's Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), BlueCielo Meridian--that holds scanned copies of historical construction documents; and the University's Geographic Information System (GIS).

Geospatial Systems supports maintenance, planning, and project work on campus by providing record facilities data to maintenance workers, planners, and design firms, and by participating in construction plan reviews. Geospatial Systems also serves several OSU departments within the OSU System of campuses and at OSU's research sites across the State of Oklahoma by providing services to help them track their resources.

The Geospatial Systems department presently has six staff members: one (1) Manager, one (1) Records Supervisor, one (1) Records Specialist, one (1) CAFM Specialist, one (1) GIS Specialist, and one (1) Application Developer.

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Among the Departments We Serve

  • Budget and Asset Management
  • Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
  • Emergency Operations Center
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Facilities Management
  • Long Range Facilities Planning
  • Parking and Transit Services
  • Risk and Property Management
  • University Accounting