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Help for installing the IE drawing viewer Plug-in


Floor Plan Navigation

Getting started: You may use the mouse or keyboard to navigate the floor plan and print the desired view. To begin, however, you must first select one of the mouse commands (such as "Mouse Pan") from the "Commands & Options" panel in the left navigation frame and click at least once with your mouse inside the window that displays the floor plan. This allows for the drawing window to have the focus for providing navigation control over the floor plan. After you have done this, the keyboard controls will work in addition to the mouse commands.

Choosing a floor: The first floor of each respective building will automatically display every time another building is chosen. To view a different floor within the building, choose the floor from the "Floor Plan" panel in the left navigation frame.

Pull up a larger view: Sometimes a larger view of the floor plan is desirable, especially for large buildings. To accommodate that need, you may select the "View in Full Browser" link shown in the "Commands & "Options" panel in the left navigation frame. Hint: Select the browser's "Refresh" (F5) command to refresh the drawing window any time the size of the browser is changed.

Select another building: To view a floor plan in another building, choose the "Select Another Building" link shown in the "Commands & Options" panel in the left navigation frame. Note: This link does not exist when using the "View in Full Browser" option. When in full browser mode, return to the main floor plan viewer page to have access this command.


Printing Instructions   (Printing the current view)

WYSIWYG Printing: The floor plan viewer provides WYSIWYG printing (What You See Is What You Get). Simply pan and zoom to visually format the view you want to print, and follow the directions below to print that view.

Choose the right "Print:" To print the floor plan as viewed in the viewer window, print only by using the "Print Current View" command in the "Commands & Options" navigation panel, or press both the Ctrl and P keys on the keyboard.

Note: Attempting to print a view of the floor plan by using Internet Explorer's "File >> Print" pull-down menu will not produce the desired results in most cases. The print device will attempt to print the web page instead of only the drawing.

Click here for Help if you receive an Error printing using Internet Explorer 8 with Windows 7 and Windows Vista.


Mouse Controls (Select from the "Commands & Options" panel.)
Keyboard Controls   (You MUST first click over the drawing using a mouse command!)
Help for Installing the IE drawing viewer Plug-in

The floor plan viewer requires the installation of the Autodesk "WHIP!" plug-in for Internet Explorer. Some systems will require administrative control on the user's PC in order for the plug-in to install. The "WHIP!" plug-in is delivered from a server within the OSU domain and can be trusted.

The web plug-in is signed by Oklahoma State University (Verified Publisher: Oklahoma State University).

No content associated with either enabling or using the FacInfo Floor Plan Viewer comes from a source outside the University's servers.

Windows 8 and 7: Note that additional security implemented in Windows 8 and 7 makes the installation a bit more cumbersome than some other systems.

Click here for help installing the "WHIP!" plug-in on Internet Explorer 11 & 10 using Windows 8 and 7.

Click here for help installing the "WHIP!" plug-in on Internet Explorer 9 using Windows 7 and Vista.

Click here for help installing the "WHIP!" plug-in on Internet Explorer 8 using Windows 7 and Vista.

For further assistance contact one of the following individuals:

Steven McClary

Terry Sherman


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