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About Pictometry

Pictometry Online provides high resolution aerial imagery and various measuring and communication tools for individuals on campus who are responsible for campus planning, design, maintenance, safety, and security. This web portal is self hosted by the Office of Facilities Information and is available only through secure login by authorized OSU campus user account holders. It is not available to all staff members.

Important Web Browser Troubleshooting Information

Internet Explorer 9:  This system has been tested with IE8 & IE9, and Pictometry will operate in IE9 only in Compatibility View. Compatibility View must be enabled before logging into Pictometry. CLICK HERE for a quick overview of IE Compatibility View. CLICK HERE for a video tutorial on using IE Compatibility View.

Mozilla Firefox:  Pictometry Online performs well in Mozilla Firefox and has been tested with versions 4 through 8. However, when first accessing Pictometry in Firefox you may encounter a warning that "This Connection is Untrusted." This is because Firefox's certificate trust mechanism does not automatically trust Oklahoma State University's Certificate Authority. If you receive this warning, you should instruct Firefox to trust certificates signed by Oklahoma State University. For assistance in trusting these certificates, CLICK HERE.

Departments With Access to Pictometry

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